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Jolly Sontex



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Each pack contains:  

  • Ashwagandha - Tonic for body, strengthen nerves and muscles, provides stamina and checks fatique.
  • Shilajeet - Improves vigour and provide all the nutrients required by the body, improves confidence.
  • Loh bhasam - Provide energy to the body.
  • Makhardhwaj - Time tested and proven age old medicine that provides all nutrients that are required for improving any sort of weakness.
  • Jaiphal - Its boost body stamina.
  • Safed musli - It provide energy to the cells of body.
  • Abhrak bhasam - It strengthen the body and hence increases stamina , performance and drive.
  • Swaran bhasam - It is an excellent medicine that increases the vitality of the formulation on the whole.

Diet is an important factor to begin with. The patient should adopt an exclusive fresh fruit diet. Take fresh fruits and fresh fruit juice twice daily. Concentrate on food like nut, cereals, vegetables, fruits, milk, honey etc. Avoid smoking, alcohol, tea, coffee all processed, canned refined and denatured foods especially white sugar and white flour and products made from them.

 Ingredients Qty
 Ashwagandha 100mg
 Shilajeet 100mg
  Loh bhasam 100mg
 Makhardhwaj 50mg
 Jaiphal 10mg
  Safed musli 20mg
 Shatavri 20mg
 Talmakhana 20mg
 Kesar 2mg
 Vand bhasam 10mg
 Kaunch Beej 20mg
 Abhrak bhasam 35mg
 Swaran bhasam 0.002mg
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