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Jolly Fat Go Anti Cellulite Message Oil - 110ML

Jolly Fat Go Anti Cellulite Message Oil - 110ML

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Introducing Jolly Fat-Go Anti-Cellulite Oil: Your Path to Smooth, Beautiful Skin!

Are you tired of dealing with stubborn cellulite that refuses to budge? Look no further! Jolly Fat-Go Anti-Cellulite Oil is here to rescue you from the clutches of dimpled skin and restore your confidence in no time.

Say goodbye to the days of feeling self-conscious about your appearance. Our revolutionary formula, crafted with utmost care, targets cellulite at its core, helping you achieve the smooth, toned skin you've always desired. With Jolly Fat-Go Anti-Cellulite Oil, embrace your beauty and stride with confidence!

Why choose Jolly Fat-Go Anti-Cellulite Oil?

  1. Advanced Cellulite Reduction: Our oil is scientifically designed to penetrate deeply into the layers of your skin, actively combating cellulite at its source. By stimulating circulation and breaking down fatty deposits, it helps to reduce the appearance of dimples and uneven skin texture, giving you a visibly smoother and firmer look.

  2. Natural Ingredients: We understand the importance of caring for your skin the right way. Jolly Fat-Go Anti-Cellulite Oil is enriched with a powerful blend of natural ingredients known for their skin-loving properties. The infusion of botanical extracts, essential oils, and vitamins nourishes your skin, promoting its health and radiance.

  3. Easy Application: Incorporating Jolly Fat-Go Anti-Cellulite Oil into your daily routine is effortless. With its lightweight texture and fast-absorbing formula, it glides smoothly onto your skin, leaving no greasy residue behind. Simply massage the oil onto the targeted areas, and let it work its magic while you relax and unwind.

  4. Holistic Approach: We believe that true beauty comes from within. Jolly Fat-Go Anti-Cellulite Oil not only improves your skin's appearance but also encourages a healthy lifestyle. Combine its regular use with a balanced diet, exercise, and hydration for optimal results, leading you to a holistic transformation inside and out.

  5. Unleash Your Confidence: Imagine the freedom of feeling comfortable in your own skin, ready to embrace any occasion with newfound confidence. Jolly Fat-Go Anti-Cellulite Oil empowers you to be your best self, helping you break free from the chains of cellulite and rediscover the joy of smooth, beautiful skin.

Take the first step towards a cellulite-free future with Jolly Fat-Go Anti-Cellulite Oil. Unveil a more vibrant you, radiant with confidence and beauty. Say hello to smoother skin and bid farewell to cellulite. Embrace the Jolly Fat-Go revolution today!


Each 110ml. Contains Oil Ext. of :

Indian Name
 Dalchini Oil  5.00%
 Kalimirich Oil  5.00%
 Wheat Germ Oil  5.00%
 Ajowan Oil  3.00%
 Badam Oil  3.00%
 Nagarmotha Oil  5.00%
 Granthi Oil  2.00%
 Nimbu Oil  2.00%
 Rusmari Oil  2.00%
 Majuphul Oil  3.00%
 Chitraka Oil  1.00%
 Lasun Oil  3.00%
 Kokam Oil  3.00%
 Jaitoon Oil  25.00%
 Mineral Oil  33.00%


Indications : Jolly Fat-Go Anti Cellulite Massage Oil is a unique ayurvedic formulation with natural herbs oil. Keeps the body fit & lean, helps in tightening of slack tissues, detoxifies the body and prevents the storage of triglycerides and helpful for weight management. For best results atleast use for 12 weeks.

Method of application : 3 to 5ml or more depending upon the part to be gently massage once or twice a day for 10-15 minutes and cover it with hot towel for 5 minutes. ‘or’ as directed by the Physician.

Contraindications : Not to be used in open wounds or burns.

Right way to Massage : 3 to 5 ml or more depending upon the part to be gently massage once or twice a day for 15-20 minutes & cover it with hot towel for 5 minutes.


  • Course : 90 Days
  • Result   : After 20 Days

Results may vary on different patients due to different body constitution, lifestyle and different / stage of disease.

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