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Jolly Red Gold Ortho Oil - 60ML

Jolly Red Gold Ortho Oil - 60ML

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Due to the inflammation in the Joints and related structures, it causes difficulty in physical movements of joints resulting in restricted movement, pain and restlessness in joints. In case of complete Rheumatic Arthritis, joints become immovable and even the bones show defonity. It is 100% Ayurvedic medicine. Jolly Red Gold (Ortho) Oil is a balanced combination of anti-inflammatory analgesic, antioxidant therapy, which may clear this problem from the root of cause.

 Each Pack Contains :

Ingredients Latin Name QTY
 Winter Green Oil  Gaultheria Fragrantissima 15%
 Nilgiri Oil  Eucalyptus Globules 8%
 Linseed Oil  Linum Usitatissimum 8%
  Maha Narayan Oil  Maha Narayan Oil 8%
 Maha Vishgarbha Oil  Maha Visgarbha Oil 7%
 Maha Mash Oil  Maha Mash Oil 7%
 Karpoor  Camophora Officinarum 7%
 Menthol  Mentha Piperata 5%
 Sesamum Indicum  Sesamum Indicum Q.S.


Indications: Very effective in joint pains, Rheumatic disorders, Frozen shoulder, Lumbago, Stiffness, Sciatica, Backaches, Muscular pains & Swelling.

Method of Application : 3-5 ml or more depending upon the part effected to be gently massage twice a day.

Contraindication : Not to be used in open wounds or burns.

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